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"If nothing else, this exercise - and this entire program in general - has reinforced just how charmed and sheltered my life is. I hear about people struggling with work, health, employment, mental issues, family issues, etc. - but this program has exposed it to me in a very real way. What I really wanted to do was find a way to help that woman out with her situation."

Class of 2014 member after participation in the Leadership Mental Health program day


"I wanted to thank you for a lovely evening last night. I thoroughly enjoyed the company, meal, tour and the show at Center Stage. This experience has truly been an enriching one and more then I could have expected.

I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your work and my ability to be a participant in Leadership Baltimore County"

Sue Bull-Class of 2014
Department of Planning, Baltimore County Government

"I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed yesterday's leadership day at the MD Food Bank. I was so touched by their operations that I sent them a monetary donation this morning."

Rich Reinhardt-Class of 2014
Towson University, Government Relations

"I have found that not only was LBC instrumental in my professional development, it has also paid for itself many times over in terms of client development and referral generations. It was perhaps the most important decision that I made professionally in the last decade."

Eric Brotman-Class of 2006
President, Brotman Financial Group

"The Leadership-Baltimore County program expanded not only my awareness of many major issues facing Baltimore County and the region, but also brought clarity to the trade-offs involved with the various solutions. The program excelled in fostering critical thinking, bringing to light multiple viewpoints."
              Mark S. Furst '01
            United Way of Central Maryland

"Sponsoring participation in Leadership-Baltimore County is a great way for PHH to invest both in our participants and in our community. The experience of being in a Leadership class gives our employees a very special learning opportunity and a strong network of peers and other contacts in the Baltimore area to aid them in their long term effectiveness. The program content readies them to be an effective and responsible part of working for a strong community - activity that we see as an essential component of true leadership at PHH."
  George J. Kilroy '94
PHH Arval


"The program provies an excellent networking opportunity for professionals, while also broadening the thinking of participants about the economic and societal challenges facing the county and region."



               Freeman A. Hrabowski,III
               University of Maryland Baltimore County


"Leadership's program and alumni activities meld government, business and community service organizations to enhance each. No one graduates without a sense that she and he can contribute to the community, and a desire to get to it!"



John A. Hayden III, Esq. '90
Whiteford, Taylor & Preston