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Apply to Leadership-Baltimore County
Process for Applying to Leadership Baltimore County

·         Candidate seeks approval/support from company/organization

·         Candidate attends an Information Breakfast

·         Candidate fills out application and submits  to LBC

·         LBC receives application and arranges for interview date

·         LBC President and Board members interview candidate

·         LBC makes its selections and notifies candidate

·         Candidate requests tuition payment from company/organization

I. Personal Data

II. Employment
B. Business/Professional Affiliations (if any)
(Not including charitable organizations, public office, or political activities.)

III. Education
(Begin with college(s), advanced degrees and/or specialized training)

IV. Community Involvement
Include charitable, community, civic, religious, political, government, social, athletic, or other activities. Do not include business/professional activities. Indicate major role in the organization at this time.

V. General Information
(One of the goals of Leadership Baltimore County is to build a network of community leaders who can enhance their problem-solving and other leadership abilities through shared perspectives and working together.)
(Leadership Baltimore County may have limited funds for partial scholarships for small nonprofits and sole proprietorships.)
Are You Requesting a Scholarship?
VI. Commitment
(To graduate from Leadership Baltimore County, a participant is expected to attend all sessions.)
• Orientation Retreat – This is a mandatory two day, overnight session in September
• Nine seminars – October through May
• Two Evening Events
• Three Evening or Weekend Activities with Flexible Scheduling
• Closing Retreat – (mandatory) – June

I understand the purposes of the Leadership Baltimore County program and if I am selected I will devote the time and resources necessary to complete the program. Even though emergencies do arise, any participant missing more than two sessions, for whatever reason, may be asked to withdraw from the program and no portion of the tuition shall be refunded. I understand the above commitments and agree to be bound by them in submitting this application.